Cemetery First Burial Dates

Anscomb Cemetery - Moorland Township

Bear Lake Cemetery - Laketon Township

Bell Place Cemetery - Casnovia Township

Blue Lake/White Oak Cemetery - Blue Lake Township

Casnovia Cemetery - Casnovia Township

Duck Lake/Mears/Fruitland Cemetery - Fruitland Township, Also known as Mears Cemetery or Fruitland Twp. Cemetery West

Egelston Cemetery - Egelston Township, Cemetery Map

Evergreen Cemetery - City of Muskegon, Cemetery Map

Forest Home Cemetery - City of Muskegon

Fruitland Cemetery - Fruitland Township, Cemetery Map

Hilton Cemetery - Casnovia Township

Holton Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery - Holton Township, Cemetery Map

Horton Cemetery - Cedar Creek Township

House on Duck Lake Rd Cemetery - One Listing

Hubbard/White River Cemetery - White River Township, Cemetery Map

Indian Cemetery - City of Muskegon

Indian Cemetery/Peo Hill Cemetery - City of Muskegon, Peo Hill near Port Sherman (Muskegon Channel)

Johnson Cemetery - Cedar Creek Township

Lakeside Cemetery - Cith of Muskegon, Cemetry Map

Laketon Cemetery - Laketon Township, Cemetery Map

Laketon-McLaughlin Cemetery - Laketon Township, Cemetery Map

Mona View Cemetery - City of Muskegon Heights, Cemetery Map

Moorland Cemetery - Moorland Township

Mount Calvary Cemetery - Montague Township

Mouth Cemetery - White River Township, Cemetery Map

Norton Cemetery - Norton Township, Cemetery Map

Oak Grove Cemetery - Montague Township, Cemetery Map

Oakhill Cemetery - Dalton Township

Oakhurst Cemetery - Whitehall Township, Cemetry Map

Oakland Cemetery - Dalton Township, Cemtery Map

Oakwood (Holton) Cemetery - Holton Township, Cemetery Map

Oakwood (Muskegon) Cemetery - City of Muskegon, Cemetery Map

Old Cemetery - City of Muskegon

Pinehill/Fruitport Cemetery - Fruitport Township, Cemetery Map

Ravenna Cemetery - Ravenna Township, Cemetery Map

Restlawn Cemetery - City of Muskegon, Cemetery Map

St. Anthony's Cemetery - Cedar Creek Township

St. Catherine's Cemetery - Ravenna Township

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church - Norton Shores

St. Mary's Cemetery - City of Muskegon, Cemetery Map

Sammi Cemetery - Montague Township

Seaman Cemetery - Casnovia Township

Shady Rest Cemetery - Muskegon Township, Cemetery Map

Sprague Cemetery - Whitehall Township

Sullivan Cemetery - Sullivan Township

Sunrise Memorial Gardens Cemetery - Muskegon Township, Cemetery Map

Twin Lake Cemetery - Dalton Township, Cemetery Map

Ware Cemetery - Blue Lake Township, Cemetery Map