About Us

Muskegon County Genealogical Society was founded in 1972.  Our goal is to gather all persons interested in preserving family history and to assist members and friends of the society in the compilation of family histories and genealogical investigation. 

Our purpose is:

  • To gather people interested in genealogy and family history, with an emphasis on Muskegon County.
  • To promote genealogical research and public access to genealogical materials.
  • To teach members research methods, documentation standards, and other skills relevant to genealogy research.
  • To compile, index and publish Muskegon County genealogical data.
  • With our partner, Hackley Public Library – Torrent House, the Local History and Genealogy Department, we identify and determine the location, preservation, publication, and deposition of records of value to the genealogical community and public at large.

Muskegon County is located on the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline, which is on the Western side of the State of Michigan in the U.S.A. We are blessed to live in a town with such an interesting history. There are many historical sites and places of interest for visitors to see.  
Muskegon County Genealogical Society
C/O Hackley Public Library – Torrent House
Local History & Genealogy Dept.
315 W. Webster Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49440-1208